How to add banner ads in screen 1?

I create tool for Android optimize. But I added ads in screen1 call banner ads load but still it’s not coming in my app. I am new to kodular

Thanks :relaxed:

Hi @Maxtern
Are you using AdMob??

Yes I am using admob

Ok how much time is it since you have created AdMob account??

1-2 months my account has been created

Ok what error are you getting??

My ads banner is not showing

That’s ok but have you added the error block??

Can you tell me how to add banner ads in block

Do you want me to send the blocks???

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Yes because I have add the banner block in screen1 but still not showing. So please send the block. I fix it the error In my block

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Or instead of :point_up_2: you can simply add: when screen initialise load ad

Just try
If it didn’t work then add error block

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Thanks you very much :heart: :relaxed:

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Is your app showing ads properly??

No I am going to fix it

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