How to add different data from 1database in List view image and text.

I am using MySQL database and I want when any data is added in sql then I want to show that as title and subtitle in list view image and text.

Ex. If there are 3 data in sql

  1. Title stored in sql is :- New work added
    Subtitle:- Any text here
  2. Title:- You have to do this work
    Subtitle:- any text
  3. Title:- Please stay motivated
    Subtitle:- any text

I want to show these all the data in that list view in this same order .
Please tell me how to do this.

What have you tried so far. Show your blocks please.


If the data is in the database, then there are keys and indexes. If this should be the order and as there must be a primary key and auto increment, enter these values ​​in that order and make the normal select because the auto-increment and primary key field will leave your data in order.