How to add different number of records in columns of Airtable?

I have 40+ columns in Airtable with each column having different number of records. So many cells at the bottom of some columns are left empty and thats why my app does not show any data.

I guess it will become complex if i make separate tables of each column
So is there any way to store different number of records in columns of one table?

Why not fill every empty cell with a special value like “emptycell” so all cells are filled? Then it should work.

I tried this now, I inserted a word ‘Empty’ in each empty cell and while fetching the column i used logic given below but its not working, can you see where i am going wrong ?

Never used airtable myself.

ok I will try again in the logic.
Thank you.

Your logic is wrong , see below. For empty cells I use - , then when I receive values from airtable I create a new list that do not contain -


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Thank You very much…
I was getting wrong in the logic.
Your logic worked perfectly

Thank you for your efforts…

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