[Airtable] How to store multiple data list in cell

I am making Quiz Mcq’s app with login feature and in which i need to store every quiz test markes in airtable of specific user row . i have 10 columns but i just want to store the list in 3 columns.
When users attempt 1st test than store values in 3 different cells.
Than if user again attempt test than also store the latest data as well as old data in list.

For example
Default cells value
Column1 “blank”
Column2 “blank”
Column3 “blank”

1 : in 1st test
Column1 : [“60 makes got”]
Column2 : [“date 11/6/23”]
Column3 : [“40 mcq’s wrong”]
4 : in 2nd test
Column1 : [“60 makes got”,“40 markes got”]
Column2 : [“date 11/6/23”,“date 12/6/23”]
Column3 : [“40 mcq’s wrong”,“60 mcq’s wrong”]
I have multiple cells changable so here we can use “update row” block.
But how
can anyone help me please