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Hello guys, I am developing an application that get data when user click on the BTN.

So my question is : when user click on the btn so she/he get data which is present in the 1 . But when that user click on the same btn so why same data is coming , I mean the data is present in cell 2 didn’t load. It only load cell 1 data . It only get same data.

Here is the screen shot of block and airtable -


So can anyone tell me how user get changed data when they click . Like when user click first time on the btn they get value 1, then when they click on the btn 2nd time they get value 2 and so on…

Ps :- sorry for bad English

I didn’t fully understand your question. Though, I guess you’re looking for this:

blocks (2)

This will call value from Cell 1, 2, 3… as button clicked.

Note: Initial index value is 0.

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Thanks this work :gift_heart:

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