How to add page

How to add items in cart page and total of all products.

List View… List Blocks And Math blocks

But how to do please help me.


2-List View - Kodular Docs

3-Math - Kodular Docs

4-Variables - Kodular Docs

Variable block to create variable to accumulate values ​​* quantity and List.
Math + block, to make the operation add / accumulate
List block to create empty list, add items and clear list.
Component List View to receive the list and display.


Can anyone please help me with blocks.

in advance do you need images +text+amount in list view

you need images selection list ,selection name list,selection amount list

also say do you have selected items as list in this screen
i mean this screen is for cart saying what are the items he will buy so do you have a list which has his selection