How to animate a Floating Action Button?

Hi everyone I tried to animate a Floating Action Button using the Phase Extension made by Shreyash but its giving me the following error

My Blocks:-

How can I do this?

You can animate floating action button MakeroidFab cannot be animated only android view component can be animated

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I think this extension and all the other extensions present in the community can only be used with/on the components that we can see in the designer. Floating action button is only displayed in compiled app and in the companion while testing but not in the designer section. And so is the error.


u can not animate kodular floating action button

You can only animate views or visible components. In AI2, Views component are made as AndroidViewComponent and non-visible component are made as AndroidNonVisibleComponent. All animation extension expects an androidViewComponent to animate views as non-visible component cannot be animated. FAB is a view but it is made as AndroidNonVisibleComponent so you can not use it as a view to animate.


so ultimately i must use other component


would you like to share a preview about what animation you want to do?

see the image below I want to animate the add icon β€œ+” sorry I don’t want to reveal the looks of the app now tell me how can do it

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