How to animate floating action btn its give error

This or any other extension will not work on components like floating action button. I am not familiar with much technical details about this, but the extension can only be made/used for the components which can be viewed in the designer section(when we drag& drop them). Any extension developer can correct me if I am wrong

We cannot view floating action button in designer after we drag and drop it(it can only be viewed during live testing or in compiled app). Hence this or any other such component cannot be used with any of the extension

Workaround :point_down:

Use the Floating Action View extension to create a Floating action button and then apply your desired animation with the Phase extension


its also creating error

always see error care fully

fab won’t be supported to animate
as @Vaibhav said

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@Vaibhav is right, You won’t be able to use Floating Action View with phase extension because it is not a visible component. Instead the extensions are defined as Invisible Component.

You may try to animate the arrangement or component given in Floating Action View.