How to automatically get playing embed video link for download in webview

I have searched through the forum and wasn’t able to get answers. Please I use custom sunny web view on my app, I will like to build app like vidmate, i mean app that get a playing embedded video download link, and download it, if the user likes to download.

i hope this is not possible with kodular

it is possible. and it is very easy to create such an application. for example, my application that I created receives data from the savefrom site, receives videos from any site as well as instagram stories

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How can I great such app. I would like to app to automatically get video download link, when a video starts playing in a website, then request if the user will like to download the video or not.

a lot has been said about getting data using js here in the community. you can use the search and create any application. or see in my profile what topics I created with questions about obtaining data from js

I have search since yesterday, but wasn’t able to fine help. Give me a tip. or share a link of where it been discussed in the community

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All links can be found in the profile. I don’t care if you look at my profile. I said to look in the profile since I created topics with such questions when I didn’t know anything about js. I do not force anyone, you need it, not me. I repeat, you need to watch “my topics” and not all in a row. there and how to get lists, and how to press buttons. Why are you so lazy that you can’t even search the forum. if you did a search and did not understand anything in the topics, ask and everyone who can help you.

you can also use this example to understand the principle of receiving and sending data

you might like this

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I have checked the page I don’t understand , I don’t think they the answer to my question is there.

What I am asking is if there is a way to automatically generate playing embed video download link, in webview. Like when a user visits page with embed video and plays the video, the app should generated the video download link, and a floating button will appear, asking the user to download video or not. If the user clicks download the videos will be downloaded to the users phone. Thanks.