How to change live Radio Stream?

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How to change live radio Stream with Firebase DB ?
Must be changed app without the need for an online link update. :thinking:

Show what you tried

the live radio Stream how to change without app Update change with firebase this stream?

Perhaps I’m being very naive, but why don’t you store the address of each radio station in a separate Firebase Tag?

You can then have a separate button for each station or a PREVIOUS STATION button and a NEXT STATION button.

If you have separate buttons then when the user presses a button it calls the corresponding tag.

Alternatively you can name each Firebase Tag Station1, Station2, Station3 etc. You need a variable - call it varStation - so when the user presses NEXT STATION button you do:

  • set varSTATION to varSTATION + 1

  • call FirebaseTag join Station, varSTATION

You do the opposite for PREVIOUS STATION.

When the number reaches 0 you set it to the number of tags, and when it reaches number of tags + 1 you set it to 1.

You can then personally add or remove stations from your Firebase account manually.

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Thanks for your helpful friend
Do you have an instructional video of these blocks?

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He explained his idea and also provided blocks… Please do the rest yourself.


Search on youtube there are thousands of videos of firebase


Afraid not. I’ve no idea how to make video.

Use screen recorder

But I didn’t find what I was looking for. Please help me.