How to change package name in new Makeroid?

Please any one tell how to change package name in new Makeroid. & to how to use inbuilt sidebar as displayed in as showed in SneekPeak

Click on Screen1 at the right and change your desired package name from the text box called “Package Name”.

Thanks @TurboProgramming . And what about sidebar navigation bar?

  1. Package name:
    Got to screen options.
    Then add there your wanted package name like: com.yourname.appname

  2. Side menu
    Create a layout where you can design it however you want.
    We will use later the layout as side menu.

Now go to “Blocks” and add your designed layout to the “Side Menu” block:

Create the apk, click on button and then you will see your nice side menu :slight_smile:

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O… thats the feature. :yum: that’s really amazing.
One more thing to know, what is the TARGET API level of apps? Is it google supported API 26?

All of our apps use target 27 :slight_smile:

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Amazing makeroid… Amazing. :grinning::grinning::heart_eyes:

what will be the full path when upl;oad it to google play like “com.yourname.appname” before that makeroid will come as it used to come in old thunkable app

Will be that.


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