How to change the ratingbar size?

the ratingbar is so big.
how to change smaller?
recommended to add a size option.

I will look what i can do :slight_smile:

thanks for your reply.Hope to be able to do it.

I am wondering too. I could not adjust the height. I think these stars cannot be made because they are pictures. Did you solve the problem by adding smaller sized images?

Make your own custom rating bar with label. :wink:


Yes (*****) it could be that way exactly thanks :slight_smile:

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Also there is a way to resize ( to be accurate scale ) kodular’s inbuilt RatingBar ( and any other visible component)using this extension :grinning: ( [FREE] Component tools extension)
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Here is how it looks before resizing:

And after resizing:

Note 1: Scale X and Scale Y takes scale value between 0.0 and 1.0
Note2: Always keep Scale X and scale Y with ratio ( 1:1 ), so you don’t get unexpected results :slightly_smiling_face:


thanks my friend! i will try it

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You can also use animation utilites this block


with this u can zoom and unzoom the rating bar

Hello friend, i use the componentTools extension, it perfectly changes the size of the stars, the problem is that the entire component changes place, that is, the stars are far apart from the left margin of the screen and I cannot place them there again, you have any way to do it? thanks

Post an image of that

the problem its the same with both metods.

the firts rating bar its size changed, the second its the original.