How to collect UPI payments

@Alapjeet_Singh_RK : finally I made the upi payment using activity starter…

Please share it with me

Download Deep Host app from play store u will get demo app, aia and extensions.

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@Alapjeet , @ombhat327
I want to show selection it in my custom user interface (UI)
I want list of UPI apps (package names) available on user’s phone
If it is is not possible then, I want all UPI apps list (supports in app Payment), so I can check all those packages if they are available on phone.

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In deephost app, he says “Warning: Currently not working with PHONEPE and AMAZON PAY
Will it work?

You should not upload direct extensions if it’s not yours. Instead provide the link from the developers site but only if is two clicks away for download, otherwise it will be removed.


upto five upi supports it is better than none…

But Phonepe and Amazon pay are also major in market

DeepHost said that the current UPI payment will not work with Amazon and the PhonePay, which means that after the update of the extension it will work with all.

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I made an app a long time ago for donation using UPI system. But there was a problem , app doesn’t check the payment was successful or not.

Whats your needs ?

  1. Send payment using UPI
  2. Send collect money request

You want to know that “How to collect UPI payments” but in the video showing sending method.

Here is complete UPI solution for kodular platform -
You can download the aia file from MakeEasy app.

It opens in default UPI app
It doesn’t give freedom to select a UPI app

I Can help for this … Because my trick gives possibilty to choose the upi app…I am using my trick from 1 month … & its working fine…

Sharing will be appreciated… Thank You…

sorry its paid…

its working fine with phonepe.

He is saying he want choose option…

you can use entension

try this -


Will work for all payment