How to connect a button to a switch?

there is a way to make an application where when pressing the on button of a certain page on another page has a switch that when the button is on the switch that is on another page is also accessible, as if it were a control panel where I can see all buttons on one page are linked from other pages

Do not use multiple screens. Use various arrangements. Then you will be able to do it with controls in the If … block and some programming logic.


As suggested by @Rogerio_Rios , use multiple VA instead of screens and attain what you are to do…

Using arrangements instead of screens has immense advantages. Of course you have to keep track of things, but that’s part of developing.

Otherwise you have to work with TinyDB and call up the database with every screen change and set the switches accordingly.

The results of the clicks on a button can only be seen when the screen is changed and (!) the effects on the other screen are happening only when this screen opens.