How to switch screens with button

I’m once again…Having issues today…Lol

Anyways I’m having trouble trying to connect to the button so the button can switch from 2 different screens.

Please clarify your query. Are you trying to go to different screens on single button click?

Yes trying to go to different screens on single button click

First of all, I don’t think this is possible…

Secondly, yes, it’s possible … But, will affect user experience.

When Button1 clicked Once, Go-to Screen2.
When Button1 clicked twice, Go to screen 3. (Not tested, I’ve doubt on this if it really works…)

So for example…1 Button click goes to screen 1
2 button click goes to screen 2

But, users will not be able to bypass first screen on this method… What it means? Suppose, I opened the app, and want to go to Screen2 directly (Don’t want to go to Screen1) , they will not be able to do so… Because, whenever the first click counted, they will be transferred on Screen1.

When will it work?
It will work only when user come back from Screen1 and then want to go to Screen2.


Makes sense…Thanks

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