How to make this?

I want to make system When I click any button in Screen 1 then I want Result in screen 2,
it is possible? if it is possible then please send block

Block , open another screen with star value ( block control )



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This has been asked before so you should search the community before asking.

You can use these books to educate yourself.


Yes or you can use a tiny db !

@Seb1 Method by @Rogerio_Rios is effective becuase If we use tinydb to pass the data between screens the it will increase the app data or a lag will occur while switching screens

I am marking @Rogerio_Rios’s reply as solution(instead of @Sumit1334 's), because I think its the actual/closest solution for the query that is asked.
No doubt, @Sumit1334 gave an explanation for using the possible solution.


ah ok !
I use this method and I never seen a lag between screen…
Perhaps it depends of the size of datas…
There are lots of possibilities for one problem ! :smiley:

Regards !

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