How to connect records at the air table?

If you click on the record of the daily issue, I would appreciate it if you could tell me how to connect directly to the url address of field 3.

you have to load data in 2 lists, (with help of get columns ) and when an item click get index of clicked item and call select list item from 2nd list of links with index of clicked index.

also by using get all rows to avoid call time… and use json test to create two list… after clicking selct list item of link list and index of data list…

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Thank you! Can you make a block for me?

here are the blocks but i suggest you to always try before asking because you will not learn when you get everything ready,


Oh, thank you so much for working so hard.You are the best.

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Imran Tariq. It was settled thanks to you. Thank you very much. It works very well.

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Along with the blocks @ImranTariq also said something. Try to follow that also

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All right. Thanks.^^

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