Link a Dynamic Card to Google Maps

How can I get a link from Airtable and open it when I click a dynamic card?

For example: in Airtable there’s a link, I want to open the link 1 when I click the card 1, the link 2 when I click the card 2, etc…

Simply get it with column or or row no = card no

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What did you try to do?

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Please post your database screenshot and ur blocks

The blocks and what I did are here: Get 2 or more columns from Airtable

What about database


Here you are

Did you read the topics I showed you?

Yes but i have to use Airtable… not Firebase

so u are going to get row as card no click

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When card view clicked, use its id as row no to get the data.

Suppose you have 10 rows and 10 cards.

When cardview 3 clicked, get 3 from its id and call get or of iys available the get it using Index.

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Ok i’ll try it

@themaayur has understood… try to see what he says: I want to do it

It was to get the idea, regardless of the database. but … :man_shrugging:t2:

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OK, now i mark @Rogerio_Rios’s answer as the solution… thanks everyone for the support! :wink: :wink:

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