How to control a website's on/off button through app on/off button please Help

i’m tries to control lights in home using arduino wifi through Online by creating webpage and i succeed in that. Now I’m trying to make an app to control the same by accessing those web buttons through our app button. without using web viewer. i am using set URL to define website paht and call.get to call my website but app rejects as “no website”. also help me how to give the path to set a button on/off in website through App Button

  1. kindly help me how to set the path to change website button by changing the button on app. I’m a newbie so pls explain in simple.
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Try by adding http/https to your link…

i already tried that no improvement. it still says no such site but when enter those details in chrome it shows the text

What about using JS to click buttons in webviewer?

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How to fill out a form of a webpage and click a button using some JavaScript


i cannot able to use in java script,it’s in php especially i don’t know java script. Thanks to all I rewrite my web site to change the particular button using url by giving those in values in Url to update it.
i.e like this now i’m able to change buttons On/Off

thanks once again and @Taifun your wifi extension is great thanks for that too

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