How to convert PNG to XML file?

How can I convert block PNG to xml file. I want to create an image of my own blocks

wow! how can i use this?

Refer this Curl-to-Blocks - Convert Curl Request to Blocks - #4 by oseamiya

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Thank you :relaxed::relaxed:

Maybe this might help Extension Marketplace - All Extension in One Place | 😲😍



This is not an extension for PNG , it’s CURL for Blocks.


Thanks a lot

And the author of the topic and the tool is @HritikR


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Getaix and getaix-curl-to blocks was created by @Jerin_Jacob , Curl-to-Blocks was ceated by @HritikR :slight_smile:


Any doubts about it?

Actually, what I want to learn is;
Creating block images with code

I’m looking into how I can do this. Do you have information?

Extensions are created this way.

You create the structure in Java ( Kotlin ?) and the blocks are generated…

Or Sorry , maybe I didn’t understand… (tired)

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I am working for a bot on Telegram. I need to convert xml or any code into kodular blocks. As far as I can see it is possible. Anyone know this?

After 14 posts what exactly want to do ? Create an extension ? I thought that you wanted to create the documentation for an extension already made


I just want to create block image with xml code
XML to Block.png
I couldn’t find the source.

Sorry, At first, I created the subject in that direction to research it myself.

What have you found?

If you want to create png from XML.

  1. Create Blockly Instance with AppInventor Components
  2. Convert Xml Text to DOM ( Blockly Inbuilt Function)
  3. Convert DOM to Block ( Blockly Inbuilt Function)
  4. Export Block as png

I couldn’t understand anything when I translated it into my own language. Thanks a lot anyway

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