How to create a menu to turn off / On Mobile Phone

I want to create an app to restart and turn off my mobile phone. How can i open phone power menu using blocks ?

I Can Reboot & Shutdown the system? - #7 by yusufcihan<<

Read here… you need shell component and Android permission to do so

but how to use the shell components to perform this task ? i had understand that i had to ask the permission Manifest.permission.REBOOT
But can you please tell me how to use shell components ?

The shell component is for the most part linux Commands, so you can use it like this

@Still-learning @GeoBadge_Official

Still not working please provide me the complete solution of this.
Please find the attached screenshots


I think to do so in kodular you need root permission. But I am not sure. I will search for this

Okay thanks

How to turn off or restart the phone? - MIT App Inventor Help - MIT App Inventor Community

I read the complete Artical but how to use that extension to get root permission ?


Also read this for permission

@Still-learning still didn’t understand how to use these all please help. I just read that its all about to copy file from assets. Please help with the exact block i should use ?

Ok, I will test first from my side and will show you.

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@Still-learning thank you so much, waiting desperately

So, did you found any solution for this problem yet ? @Still-learning

Not yet… …

Please try as early as possible

i hope it is possible only.even shell command, with the rooted devices… …

so now are you able to found any solution ? its been a bit too long. @bodymindpower can you please help in this matter ?

@Still-learning did you found some solution to this ?