Shell command to make a calendarmaker

Here is a little guide to using the shell component to make an calendarmaker.

You can find the shell component in the utilities category.

The component needs the following permissions.

More info can be found in the docs.

The block i am going to use in this guide is this one

In the textbox you can put the command that you would normally put in your linux terminal.

So far the technical stuff. Now the fun stuff begins.


You could make an app that would produce an image with a calendar below it. You could share that with other users. So you would have to use an image picker and the componenttoimage extension from @Jerin_Jacob, an arrangement, a couple of buttons and a textbox to display the calendar. I didn’t make a complete app just want to spark your fantasy.

These are the blocks i used.


This could be the result of this.

Now the month and year were hardcoded but you could use textboxes to enter the month and year.


@juananton1991 made a topic on the appinventor community that made me think of making this guide. His extension is doing what the shell component does. In his topic you can find a lot of commands that you can use with his extension and with the shell component.

Have fun and show here what you have made if you tried the guide.


Thank you very much @Peter. .Looking at your guide here and going through other similar/related commands, I got an idea which I will see if I can implement in one of my project. Thanks again :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanku @Peter
Its gonna be owsm now. :wink:
And one thing more
Why not start the challenge series once again???

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Amazing, this will helps a lot and makes easier for us, like there was paid extensions for calendar and this one will helps everyone. Great Work.


If you get the result you can get the dates for a certain row by using

In this case you would get

10 11 12 13 14 15 16


Best of luck @Peter
I never use this component before. But after reading this topic you encourage me to research about shell.

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But for it to be a list you can use this routine.

then it will become 10,11,12,13,14,15,16 instead of 10 11 12 13 14 15 16

in this case the segment is a space character.


I get the values correctly but while placing the dates in my custom calender i get this error for last row beacause there is not day after 31 so 3 coloumns last row data is not there in my csv

Cool… Thanks @Peter for such guides

nice guide :heart_eyes:

shell is making the app to freez