How to create an auto login for all kinds of website

Is it possible to create an app when a button is clicked the login details will be auto filled like for Facebook, gmail, etc…

Firebase authentication… @kishore

No not firebase authentication. Normal website

Any web designer can help you @kishore
So better check on YouTube or contact web designer…

yes it can be done but its highly recommended not to do so because you are storing user credentials in app which is hackable.
you want to store only for your website or other websites.
For your website simple is to use cookies

i am making a facebook app for me but is logging out after 1 or evry 2 days so login every time is frustrating so wanted to do this! so can you tell me to do it?

why you make facebook app there is already a app. make app with your idea

Well i want to create an app that lets user login easily just by clicking a button the email and the password will auto fill which will help user to login quickly.