How to create function button2 will appear on button1 click

I want create a function like how the user click on button1 and YouTube app will open and when user come back to my app then button2 will automatically appears so the user can go another screen

Please help me out

I think this is possible in kodular

If yes please tell me with an component example


You can design 2 buttons, keep 1st visible and 2nd invisible.

On button 1 click
Launch YouTube
Button 2 visible to true.

Can you show the component please

Set Variable and when 1 button click then store 1 value in variable and Opne YouTube…

After check… Varibale value…

If : variable = 1
Then open another screen
And set again 0 value in a Varibale…

I am new in kodular please show blocks

This community is for help to solve the problem not for do you job.
Try your self and and if it doesn’t work ask the necessary questions to solve it.

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The best way to learn is trying for yourself. If other people do the work you’ll never learn anything and will be reliant upon others. Try something for yourself, see if it works, then if it doesn’t post your blocks.

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I try Many time but it’s not working button is not appearing. That’s why I am asking how to do that

Show us your blocks.

Post your relevant blocks. Anyone can see where the error is and suggest a solution.
Edit: You try @The_K_Studio suggest in post # 2 ?

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Ohhh!! Now it’s working :relaxed: thank you to all
It simple problem I ingored to give value

All over thank you very much for giving your time to me

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please provide a screenshot of the solution then
this can help others with the same question in future
thank you


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In my case button 1 is visible and button2 is not visible 20201117_083755

So if user click on button1 then button2 will appear

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