How to create Offline notifications inside the application

I need to create an application that sends notifications with saved messages on a set timer inside the app
As this notification should be show even the app is not running

Is there any possible way to do that?

Short answer is No. Kodular and the other MIT App Inventor distros don’t have background services, that means they can’t run when they are closed.


How to create Offline notifications

is the question about sending notifications while the device is offline, i.e. not connected to the internet?

depending on the answer you might want to take a look into
the notification component from the experimental drawer (unfortunatly no documentation available)
or the push notification component from the social drawer (unfortunatly no documentation available)

also there are the following extensions
Simple Notification Extension to send a notification
Notification Extension by Juan Antonio
New Improved Notification Extension by Tiziano1960
MediaStyle Notification Extension by Ken (15 USD)


Yes, there is. Just drag a Clock out, enable it, and let it Always Fire.

And how the clock will fire if the app is closed?

That is why it is called “Always Fire”. I don’t know how kodular was made, so I don’t know how. Just try it.

Have you ever tried it? If no then try first & recommend other to do so… @kendell_r

No. The clock only works if the app is open or minimized.

It works if I press the home button, but if I press the back button, it doesn’t work. Taifun has a block to move the app to background in the Telephoney Manager extension, though.

i want to know how the onesignal push notifications can received in kodular, i looking for the same option but without sound and notification popup, only for update the badge count, already have push notification with sound and popup in the same app, ill want only the another for count badges…

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