How to show notification as reminder to open installed app

Hi there i want to implement a notification in my app that should show notification after specific time to remind user to open app, When user tap on notification it should open that application.
Notification should display whether user is using another app or not using device.

Example: Just like hourly task it should display notification to remind user to complete hourly task.

Why do you all think something is possible without actually using what’s needed for it?

You can try to use this extension: New improved Notification Extension - Extensions - AppyBuilder

PS: I’m not sure that extension will work, because the only way to receive notifications when app its closed is to use one signal.

i am looking for something in which i can display notification offline using “Tiny DB” or “something” just like in some games it shows notification after x timer in offline mode.

I understand what you want, but in my opinion it’s not possible, because Kodular doesn’t support background service.
The only way is to use one signal.

So because Kodular doesn’t support background service. Does it means i will not get notification from One Signal if my app is not running or closed.

If you use one signale you will receive notifications even the app is closed.

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you need to configure an automated notification from one signal website, and set there settings to as you wanted, all services are not free maybe you need to buy their any services, read their documentations.

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