NEED help regarding automatic timely NOTIFICATION to users

hi, i want make a app which must have like the following feature

When user doesn’t use the app for a period of time eg. One day, my app should automatically show notification to the user that they have not used the app for a certain period of time, and when the notification is clicked it must navigate the user to the app

need assistance

Thanking You for everyone who views this

its not possible from app (because currently Kodular dosnt support background services) only possible if you have paid package of One signal , so you can set a notification for every inactive user(that is currently not available in their free package) for more visit Onesignal.


On its not paid.
I use this on our app for free

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maybe but about an year ago i tried to do the same and then i have seen that its not available for free plan,. maybe now its free or i havent explore more than that

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what about the Notification Component in Experimental section

does it help

no, it can be only use when app is running. after closing app that stop working.

It is possible without paid account.
I can show you how if you wish so.

yes please


  1. Open and create a account if you don’t have one.
  2. Link Your app with onesignal providing api key.
  3. Create app on onesignal and add a new segment and name it anything lets consider “XYZ”.
  4. In XYZ segment add a filter of last session and change its values to “greater than 24hr”.
  5. Now go to messages>automated.
  6. Create new automatic message and enter XYZ in “include users in segment” section.
  7. Create a template with the notification you want to send the user.
  8. Choose that template in automated messages>template to deliver.

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