How to notify a user, if app was not used for 24 hours?

If anyone does not enter the app within 24 hours, he will get a notice.
How to i do it?

Not possible with kodular yet it needs app to run in background thread and perform actions

You can actually run a clock to count time. But can’t send an notification until app opens.

Funny, I had first read “annoying” what it would be for me.

You can use the Push Notification component and set up a continuous push message every 24 h after last app usage in the onesignal web ui.


Clock will be run if app is in background and not closed by system and user.
Bu unfortunately android automatically kills app which is in background and for sometimes

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background clock cannot run

background clock cannot run

You have to do it at I am not sure if your plans match exactly the possibilities and if this is for free also, but try yourself!

you could use the alarm extension to set an alarm

many many thanks

What is the exact solution

not passable push message

Not resolved

u are correct

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You can mark it as solved in my post. Would be glad. :innocent:

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mission imposible

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its posible.

how is if we task killer app ?

one signal