Alarm Notification Outside of Application

Is there a possible way to send an alarm notification when the user is outside the application? We’re developing a task setting application. I just want to ask you guys if you have an idea. I heard OneSignal, is it for online use only? Thank you!

One signal is one of the few components (if not the only one) that works with the application closed, with it you can send notifications to users and specify and schedule them to be sent at a specific time. The problem is that you can only do this from your account on the one signal website. There are extensions that allow you to send notifications from your application, but they are immediate, they cannot be programmed. What you need are the background services (these are events that happen with the application closed), but this is something that does not have kodular or any other constructor. I suppose your only alternative is to hire an extension developer and see if it is possible to create a one signal extension that schedules notifications to a specific user and time.


No this is possible from mobile app also, by using onesignal push notification extension, add that to your admin app and send notification from your application,