How are these OneSignal blocks gonna work?

I did a lot of googling to know if I can make a koded app to work in background. But the results were negative.
I got confused as I saw these blocks.
How are these blocks gonna work ? Since the apps can’t run in background how will the app know if the user received a notification or not ?

The process of the application retains a stateful connection with OneSignal.

When application is open OneSignal has an open channel to send the notifications.

I didnt get what you meant. Should the app be in an opened state for the code to work ?

Yes the application needs to be open to get the signals

the notification alone will work when the app is closed na (since the notification is sent from onesignal)?
I meant the app should be opened for the blocks to work. But for the user to receive a notification he only needs an internet connection na ?

No . Onesignla needs the App to be open to complete the connection. The connection is from the APP to Oesignal ot the Operating system. It is Application layer.

Then what exactly is the use of OneSignal ? If the app need to be opened to receive notifications then we can do it with the ‘notification’ itself na ?

You could use notification with firebase in theory.

Onesignal will spoolm your notifications so the next time you login you get anything you missed

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I think there is some sort of misunderstanding…
This what I could see on their website:

When sending notifications from OneSignal, we gather these notifications and send them to Google and/or Apple whom distribute them to your users. These notifications are “held” by their servers until the device becomes online.

If it is correct then they only need the device to be online (internet connection).


Try it and prove me wrong. it is application level.

I’m definitely gonna try it. Not because I want to prove you wrong, but to know if it works or not. If it works the way I want, then that would be really useful.

On my app onesignal is delivering notifications even if I haven’t opened app for 2 days :joy:


I tried onesignal & its working :star_struck:
You don’t have to keep the app open. All you need is an internet connection.
And what makes me even more happy is that when I click on the notification its automatically opening the app :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
I even tried it by rebooting my mobile. It works all the time :innocent:


That’s what onesignal notifications do

But I got confused when Cian said it won’t work like that.

So you proved him wrong :metal:?

I don’t wanna prove anyone wrong… I’m super happy that it worked the way I wanted :innocent:
And he even helped me to solve many other issues regarding my app :blush:

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He helped me too :metal:
Did you find any solution about notification received and notification opened block?

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I don’t use those blocks.
Btw what’s wrong with those blocks ?

I once tried those blocks on screen1 and both of those blocks didn’t worked! :confused: