How are these OneSignal blocks gonna work?

I want to know how we can use one signal for a group of users with the sentment or how its called. And how can a user join a group, ?
Like i have different butttons,each buttton is for a Group. If the user click on button 1, he will get only notifications from group one If the user clicks on button two also than he getthe notifivations from group one and two. And so on-

This is how i want to use one signal but i had nothing found about, group notifivations, Only one extension is out there but i dont know how this works.
It would be nice to use this for news.
Button one is general News, buttton two are for sport news.
If the user wants to get the sport news notifications, he has to click on button two. and for general news button one.

With a second app (Admin app) i will send the notifications to one signal and the main app push the news to the users.

I will work for the admin app with web component and the one signal api. But i have no idea how to work with the push notidication blocks to make different groups for the people. Sentiment or so is it called in one signal to send a notification to a list of users which are in the list (group=

Please help me with that.
Thank you

The both of your desires are possible…
I’ve successfully implemented it…
I could have shown you blocks but I’m little bit busy…
For now I can say you that…
When user clicks on button 1 use send tag block from onesignal…send tag news
When user clicks button 2 send tag 2…
And on one signal there is an option of create new segment… Click on that and try making segment of news sports as much as you want…
This is working for me perfectly…
And I’m using one signal push extension by jarin jacob on my admin app it’s working perfectly fine to me

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Ya! We all Know That Onesignal Send Notification even if the App is Closed!

Secondly, I tried to implemnt these blocks into my app to get Notification title when Used Open The App by Opening the Notifiction BUT it didn’t work!!

So, What’s the need of Adding these Blocks If they can’t Work :question:

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ok i understand but not all, i can add segements ok that i saq on one signal homepage, but how can the user add himself to a segment.?
I mean i have different switches (i want to have) and if a user check switch one he can get the push notifications for segement one.

This is what i dont understand.

Switch two is for segement two.
If clicked (checked) the user will get notifications from segement two:
And so on.

How can implement that?
Do i have to use another extensions?, if yes which one is good for?

And what i want to know also is, how can i make a reminder function for users? Like a birthday calenda app:?
If the user click on remind me (a button in the app) the user gets the date picker opend to chosse the date.
After he choose the date, he get a textbox for the msg, what he wants to see at the notification whcih is running at the specific date what the user pcked.

I believe that could be possible with the notification to a payer id, and the user put in his own payer id.

This would be nice if you can explain me that, maybe with a few blocks iif you can show me some, if not than not, its not a have to., but it would be nice, for better understanding.

With the extension you can sent the notifications to different segments ?

Well I’m making a brief guide about most useful things on kodular… Will take sometime…I’ll show blocks examples and also share aia apk …




Are Tags in kodular so called is Key in one signal ?

No they aren’t

Can u tell me what are tag . Is it firebase tags or something else

those tags can be used to make a user group on onesignal…
For example send tag cat for a particular user.
Now go to onesignal
Click on create segment button check there for tag options

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@cian @mikkupoocha NO, it can send Push notifications even when the app is closed and not running in background, the app must be installed, need not to be running, and device will get notfications as soon as it is connected to internet,

And the best part it all works with one single block :slight_smile:


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Yup i know that

Can you please guide on this? Thank you.