How to Crop image (online image)

How to crop an image? Where do images come from the internet (online) or not from internal storage? and after that it can be saved on the device.

This tutorial was written to answer a discussion on this topic.

look at this, here’s how …

first, prepare the source of the image. (this example uses a google spreadsheet)

then call data from a spreadsheet using the web component …
blocks (77)~2

This example shows multiple images using the built-in image dynamic component. (I’m not discussing dynamic components).

Web get

function selects the image to be cropped.

save function
blocks (77)~5

save as function

open the saved crop result
blocks (77)~7

Note: This is just a basic example. You can customize it according to your project needs.

all blocks

Download extension

Download Cropimage_onlineimage.aia (40.9 KB)

This tutorial can also be used to crop images offline (images that are on the device)

may be useful …
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Hi ! How to get the extension please? The link takes me to a nonexistent page :frowning:

Thunkable Classic Extension category was closed. You can download it from

Oh thank you :smiley:

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