Custom ratio image crop view

Hi, I am trying to incorporate an image cropping facility in my App. In the app, user selects an image from gallery, crops the image according to a previous set dimension (eg: 4 by 6) and saves the new cropped image. I looked for many solutions, found one that is closest to a solution : CropView Extension by @Atom_Developer but it don’t have 4 by 6 or 6 by 4 ratio. I want the user to be able to select the part of the image they need but keep the ratio. Are there any solutions or workarounds?

There are some extensions which has method to crop the image. See if they help

  1. Image Extension by @Taifun

  1. Here :point_down: is the discussion about cropping the image using activity starter. Go through the whole topic once
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Tried both, but it doesn’t have an option for the users to select the area (Crop view like in normal image editors)

This is what I want, but this extension doesn’t have fixed ratios… the extension I mentioned in my post had a few fixed ratios (9x16, 4x3 etc). I need the 4x6 option…

I will try this out but it seems to be non-reliable… If only @Atom_Developer 's CropView Extension had custom ratios…

Are there any free websites that we can show on a web-viewer for the user to edit, but we should be able to set the ratio and it shouldn’t seem to be an online image editor?