How to delete this () after airtable got value on label

Hi kodulers

I need your to remove parentheses => ()

from a label text after airtable got values?I know a simple but difficult question to answer …

Hi @XPF_Support,

Although I’m not familiar with the airtable component, if you’re trying to get multiple values, then this is what’s called a list. Now yes, you could remove the “(” and “)” using the “replace” text block, however that isnt the proper way to remove the symbols. Instead it’s best to select an index from the list, which will then return a specific value and remove the symbols. I’m not going to go into detail about how to do this, but if someone else would, feel free to do so.


:octopus: Nathan

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What have you tried , just show us… because if you use select list item list this will go automatically

Hi ,

I want to get only a single value

Yes i want to remove but how …
If someone could help me?

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Thank you so much

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