How to remove the brackets from the value received from airtable

I wanted to get only one row of a column in airtable. Hence I set the maximum record value to 1. Till now everything was correct.
I wanted to display the text received from airtable in a label. Hence I added the following code…
What I get is the value of the spreadsheet but with two brackets before and after the text. Is there any way I can remove that and why is this happening?




If there are only two brackets(at the start and at the end) you can use segment block for delete them.


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You can use two replace blocks even…

What if there is another bracket in the text?

Two replace block i mentioned , in one replace block ,can add ( and in another block he can add )… even if more number of brackets obtained it will be removed

But dora method will be good to use.

i mean if there is another bracket in the main text: for example main text is sqrt{25}=5. when he received this text it will be {sqrt{25}=5}. if you use replace block it will be sqrt25=5


yes, fully agree

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Airtable returns values as list, so since you are setting max record to 1 with above blocks you will get sqrt{25}=5

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Maybe this Steven Leary’s video can be useful.

This is a detail of code that replace ( )

Captura de pantalla 2021-08-11 161729

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Thanks for your valuable reply. But using these blocks, I can only remove the bracket at the first but the last bracket still remains.

@Didyme_Apps Why use so many blocks when in the specific problem it can be done with one block ?


oh i am sorry i sent the block without testing, write length.values - 2 instead of 1

It worked!!! Thanks a ton. Can you please edit the above solution so that i can mark it as the correct answer.

I really can not understand the logic in that solution, you have a list with just one item and you want to use segment and …


Me too …

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okay, just one minute

done. you can mark it as a solution

rather than removing brackets you should learn how to work with lists…