How to Do that in cardviwe

How to fill full this card view 2 in left corner
I try many times with decoration components but I can’t do :frowning:

Is anyone help me for that please I read overlapping guides but I don’t do

try to set the left and top padding of card view to 0.

May you please post your blocks here so we can look to them

Thanku sumit for replying but block is simple I set margin of cardviwe 2 “-12” and padding of that top 20 and left 25 right and buttom default !

@develop_think , May you please tell me what do you want to achieve. Please post a design here if you have an example of whatever you want to achieve.
As far as I can understand your issue you want to shift the white card at the top of blue card without any margins??

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I want like this please help me for that I don’t know how it’s happening

Yes I got it completely.
You need to set the left and top padding of parent card view(Blue colored) to 0. And also with the help of decoration component, you have to set the white colored card view’s margin to 0. And you are good to go. But make sure to set the white card’s elavation to 0.
I hope @develop_think , You got that what I want to say.

Thanku sumit for your time and Knowledge now I try this method

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