How To Extract Date And Time Without Using Clock

Hello Guys, i have a full Value Like This “16/09/2020 3:00”

So Guys I Extract The And Time Like This “(16/09/2020 3:00)”

Make A List - 16/09/2020
- 3:00

Format - dd/MM/yyyy HH:mm

i didn’t get you properly;
But from what i understood -

Use SegmentText Block

Start - 1
Length - 10
will return Date - 16/09/2020

Start - 12
Length - 5
will return Time - 03:00

if Time is 3:00 not 03:00
then Length - Length of whole Text (Date Time) - 11

or any of your custom logic to differentiate between single and two digit Hour Values.

Then use AddItemToList Block to make a List with both the segments.

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Why not using a clock? I don’t understand the purpose of not using it as your title said.

Because Date And Time Stored In My Airtable Database in a Single Cell
in This Format - dd/MM/yyy HH:mm

You can create the instant from your date and then format it.

The only thing is that if the format of your date in airtable is


You have to convert it to

And then use these blocks:

Here the result:


To reverse the date format you can use this procedure:


Thanks It’s Working Very Well

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