How to filter user data in big lists faster?

I want to filter some users data and show them in a list ,
I am doing this and working good.
But my question is can i do this faster ? Cuz if i have few records it works great but when i try it with 1000 of records it take time … i want to do it quickly… Attaching screenshots plz help if any one could help me… Thanks

May be you can try with js, but you are looking with filter option so certainly it will take max 3or 4 sec

Can you plz give me example how can i do this ?

show some sample of lists so that we can suggest

List are

1.Title. -this list have movies name in it
2.Subtitles. -this list have subtitles
3.Image link. -thumbnails pic link
4.Paid - is paid or free
5.Active. - is active or deactivate
6.Server. - Youtube , Viemo , other
7.Type ,. -. Movie or Cartoon or Documentary

I want to filter that
If index number 1 contain text Youtuber
If index number 1 paid or free
If index 1 ic active or deactivate
Then store value of index 1 ro new list

Any Help ? @Still-learning

We cont help without sample datas dear friend. Either send us demo aia or datas … words alone won’t be easy to suggest you or stay with your previous attempt

Use SQLite.

How to use it , can You Give me screenshot of Blocks please @Italo

better use sqlite
you can do query data faster
SELECT column FROM your_table WHERE column …

use dynamic component to shoe the results
load the result partialy with for each number

or use recycler view

not help maybe but you can search community
there so many method to use sqlite

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You need to learn how to use relational databases, like MySQL. It pretty simple if you read and try stuff.
Even easier in Kodular since you already have the blocks and you only fill the arguments in them.

Read this first.

Can You please please give me a example how to use search filter in sqlite ?



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How to Get Users index i have 3 Conditions
Where user status is “Active” and Fee paid is “0” and User type is “Walking” .
How to these 3 matching condition users From Name List ?
i have attached screen shoot of blocks and aia too .
please anyone who can help me … … . .

ttete.aia (44.2 KB)

I think you are confusing lists with SQLite. SQLite is not a method to search in lists. You have to create the database first. Create each column (like in Excel but without seeing the actual spreadsheet) and then fill in the database with the rows of data. That’s why you need to read and try the links we gave you here. You will not learn all this by just asking here. Trust me.
If you really need to have a fast database for A LOT of information, then invest time in learning this. If by “A LOT” of data means just a hundred records for you, then you can probably skip SQLite and do it with lists, TinyDB etc.

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I want to know where to and how to creat SQLite database ?
Also can you please creat a small database in my aia and do search filter for me ?
Or if you could provide screenshot only
@Italo and also very very thankful to you for your honourable Efforts .

The sqlite component of Kodular does not offer an Import method, therefore you have to create the database on first run of the app using a create table statement and insert into statements…

The more elegant way is to import a database, which already contains your data… my extension is able to do it… App Inventor Extensions: SQlite | Pura Vida Apps

See my example project after following the previous link for an example database


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i forgot where the extension, but simpleSqlite extension could import sqlite from asd ( attach db method ) try search simplesqlite extension

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