How to find a certain phrase in blocks view with screen automatically moving to it?

How to find a certain phrase in blocks view with the screen automatically moving to it? So, I don’t have to move the screen around. Because for the life of me, I can’t find the block where I initialized a certain global variable.
Ctrl+F only highlights the phrase I am looking for but it is still very hard to look for it, because my program more than takes up the entire screen. I have to move the screen around to find it. And I can’t.

Right click on block editor work-space and choose “Clean up blocks”, then again right click and choose “sort blocks by category”. In this way you will get your blocks sorted and it will be easier to find what you are looking.


Awesome! I was afraid to do that because I thought “clean up blocks” would completely clean up my codes squeaking clean. That would be catastrophic! :rofl:


It’s the perfect idea, I have a little idea to find an event :grin::grin:
Supposed you want to find button 1.clicked event
Where is it?
You have 20 30 buttons… workspace full of blocks…
Now drag another button1. Clicked event block
Then both the old block and new block will show error :x:
Now click on ^ icon of error counter that will automatically scroll you to the old block… now you will know where is it with memorizing scrollbars, now again click on ^ and delete the empty block ,now you have found your desired block


Now that is more than a solution! That is genius!!

Been using that tactic for years now, but the problem occurs when you need to locate blocks which can have multiple instances. For example procedure calls, property setters…


Haha, been using the same method for a long time now. :+1:


What can I say, there are geniuses everywhere I guess. Hahahaha! finding an initialize variable block can be a problem too, because it automatically fixes the same variable name to a different one. Right?

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Right. :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

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