Search Blocks - Auto Scroll

The feature for auto scrolling to errors is absolutely fantastic!

What I would love is a similar feature where you can search for a block text (by name) and use the arrows to scroll through where it is.

When you have 4k blocks, it can be challenging to find that rogue use of a variable. Maybe put a magnifying glass next to this, for a user based search.


  • Great Idea!
  • Not Needed, just learn to code better.

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how to use them i press them but it can’t work

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I also want this feature in the Kodular Creater.

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You can also use “ctrl/cmd” + “f” :smile:

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Sure you could use that if you want it to do nothing. :open_mouth:

Did not work. SHIT + Command + F . (using Mac)

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On mac: cmd + f
On windows: ctrl + f

I forgot the english name :joy::sweat_smile:

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That does not scroll to the next one in Chrome. It highlights them but does not auto go to them

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