Finding variables

Is there to find all occurrences of a variable? I usually have all my blocks folded up.


You first need to expand your blocks.

Then you can use CtrlF and try to search for them, They will highlight yellow, so you need to look close.

Here is a trick I used before the autoscroll feature of errors was introduced.

Here is where I asked for the same feature to search for variables


A few things,

You will note, that you quoted a Poll.

0% of people selected that option. 100% said yes this is a good feature.

Second you are referring to the IDE. IDE is different then the development environment for blocks.

IDE is used to build extensions.

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I was using the term IDE as a general term for software development. I wasn’t trying to focus on the IDE for extension building.

Regarding the Poll: My apologies to the Kodular developers.

You have the ability to delete a post which you regret, or was posted i err.

Click the three dots.


Then click the Trash can


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I think you meant “in err”. Cool profile picture by the way! :smiley:


I erred with i err instead of in err. It was an err.



But know we have error finder in block section itself which can navigate us to each error and warning

That has nothing do to with finding variables, and if you notice my thread above I already mentioned that.

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