How to find out if I have 2 or 3 similar number or text in the list?

I am receiving a list in my app … and I need to find out how many similar numbers I am receiving
For example… : i receive = 2/2/2 3/4/5/5
Result = three 2, one 3 and two 5
For example : I receive = A/E/E/C/D/C/C
Result = 1A, 2 E. 3 C, 1 D.

it is complicated one, it seems

there must be some way

if you show the blocks may be we could

ok i will create a new 1 for that

I try this but i am not getting how to get resultScreenshot_5

Try creating a procedure like the one shown below


mass… :ok_hand:

can i add this png in my block

Yes procedure is draggable

i drag it but not working

Have you created global variables like in picture above? Only procedure is draggable

I try it no one is working its ok i will create it … Thank you

This is just sample code and you need to set it, in which the text are have to count…

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