How to find special characters in a text

Hello everyone
I am using firebase for storing my app data but u all know firebase doesn’t accept special characters if any user enter special characters in textbox then how can I find special characters in textbox and how can I remove them.

Use this block: contains
You will get true if the mark you entered is in the text you entered (and if the mark is not found you will get: false)

It is works for only one special character in one time

You can attach some of these with: or

  1. specify all the special characters in a list (take a look what characters are not allowed in firebase)
  2. make a list of all those characters
  3. set text to “get list” or “is in list”
  4. set piece to the label / textbox which needs to get checked.

I think you are looking for this


You can store all the values(which has special characters) in tags and then use this blocks to get the values.

Hope it helps. :slight_smile:

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Lowercase, Uppercase, Numbers 0-9 - pattern = [^a-zA-Z0-9]

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If you want to split the output into parts, you can use the ( split) block