Textbox: Remove Special Characters & Emoji from the Textbox

How to automatically remove Special Characters and Emojis from the Textbox if the Button click?

You can either make your own keyboard or the easy way is to use an extension.

How to make my Own Keyboard? and can you send a Extension links here please?

I don’t know the extension though you can make your keyboard using buttons and list views. And then code for each button. Though this will take some time.

is there any other way? like a Emoji Detector Extension?

Don’t know though there may be.

Simple use, Regex extension

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Ref here

[quote="[Free] Regex Extension to work with regex, post:1, topic:117464"]
xtension to work with Regex

How to use it though? can you show me a block for automatically removing a Emoji from the Textbox?

Simple, visit the above link

When text box text on changed
Set text box text to (block given in the above topic)

An example using @Kevinkun regex extension



its not working

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Its not working, it doesnt do anything, if you think my Blocks is incorrect, please show a correct blocks thank you

Working fine

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Only one account is allowed in community. Which one should I delete @Mel_Imperial or @Future_Applications ?

Mel Imperial

Sorry I didnt know about that one

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It works now, i just notice that it needs to have a Space at last for it to work

In #post11 there was no space in example and it worked

idk why it doesnt work on mine if without space at last