How to find text in screen?

I want to search string in screen.for example “cat” is in web page so I will do search cat.when text found how many times cat is written on screen.plz help me

i hope you can try with this extension

especially with this block,



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In my app when I use it app is crashing everytime.:thinking::thinking:

I believe you are not using custom web viewer, still you are trying with default web viewer… pls see the example

anyhow, try this
webhtmll_1.aia (227.0 KB)

Post a screenshots of your blocks

it too late i will post tomorrow.good night happy new year.

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These are blocks.

My app is opening again and again after using custom web view

In block When Clock1 Timer
Set timer enabled to false
Also remove and disable timer always fires

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Still not open again and again

for data store i am using tiny db

this is all blcks on screen

You didn’t disable clock as suggested. Also you do not need timer always fire, delete it and also disable it from clock’s properties in designer view


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@All_In_Hindi ,
What are you looking? Either you want to show value from firebase or want to find particular text in webviewer?
DO not go other topic… If you, please close this topic and create a new one…

i want to get url from firebase when progress =100 find string PAID when found i will know payment has been success.

what method you are using for payment? if starter activity then you can take it easily from the response

activity starter will not know payment has been succes or will just open another app

I didn’t read the others posts, but in the first screenshot you are using both custom webviewer and deafult webviewer component.
The default webviewer component is crashing when method load html is used. Delete the default component and use only the extension that probably you won’t have problems.

ok i will try

@dora_paz i didn’t asked permission for location ,microphone etc i only ask for storage permission

Help me aap automatically generate permissions