How to get airtable set cell row number

There are many rows in the airtable column, but how can I get them Set Cell row number? Help with a little blocks. thanks you :heart:

Why is no one helping despite the community being so professional? :face_holding_back_tears::unamused::smile:


Maybe not everyone is free to access the community.

And maybe even accessing them they are busy.

Maybe, before posting, you should search for the subject.

There are many solutions here on the subject.

Researching is part of learning


I’ve searched on this topic but can’t find any posts, or topics. How to airtable Total Views Column count when my app clicks its listview text image.

Here I have done it slightly differently and it is working but it is not keeping the airtable count. - When the listview text image button is clicked the click count will be in airtable

Hope now if you can find out its airtable column Row Number it will be solved, can’t understand right.

If you can help with this please give me some time to resolve it. Please share blocks screenshot.