When the listview text image button is clicked the click count will be in airtable

Airtable total view click count when Listview Image text button is clicked. But here button click count is being done by calling set with airtable but it is not being saved in airtable total view column.


Test apk - 11.06 MB file on MEGA

Here if the airtable Total View column is 123 in the row, then if you click the Listview text image again the airtable is saved as 2 total clicks. 123 changes

Here how to place the Blocks airtable correctly, so that the click count will be correct and the airtable will be saved?

Thanks you

How you store your data ?
And how you get data for that element?

Total View column store value, check all image

I have to see how you store data (not call ) and how is your table to know how to get the right value .
I think you want to get data after click in listview , so I have to know also how your listview looks and what kind of data you display in .

Anyway , if position+1 is the right index you can save it in a variable and use it in when got cell

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There is also the update block instead of set cell

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Thanks for replying, I managed to solve the problem myself, will share the solved blocks screenshot after a while.

I have given the blocks like this, now it is working pretty well. thanks you :heart:

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