How to get data from tag inside of tag in firebase

i m trying to get data from the firebase tag inside of tag but i am unable to get data please help me.

Use / for that I mean if you want value of amount under 1 then simply set project bucket to account and then in get value block set tagto king/1/amount

i cant use the username in tag because i am geting username through the particular account user tag
and click reffer the 1 and 2 and so on.

No I have given you just an example use / for sub tag

ya actually but i can use / in tiny db also it call the value with acount/ ther is no any tag in tiny db account/ so the whole thing gone wrong

What is store in side tiny db Account

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yes and its come from screen 1 and click mean it click the point which user want to invest.

I am asking what value stores in account in tiny db??

users, username which value they used for login

For example if my username=parth
And click point=10(for example)
Then firebase project bucket will be
| |
| Parth10

its come like

inside of parth the click amount
but i want the value to be store parth inside the click value 1 and inside of it the amount color n profit

i was trying and i got the solution thank you for replying and supporting


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