How to get google sheet row number


I used Recycler List View extension and get data from GS with GSAI2 extension. I got my data to spinner.

I want if I select GASKET ONLY get that row number or if I select GASKET HEAD SET get that row number like that. how I do it

What have you tried so far ? How do you set data ? Post a screenshot or better a test aia

Screen have 2485 block. Download Block as image not working. I already sent my aia last time to you. please give me a tips I want select CATEGORY and edit ITEM No. Can I send my aia again

Send you aia again please

my aia sent to you

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I noticed that above image comes when you need to add a new item in inventory. If this is the case you don’t need row number because you will use append row block and row will created at the end of gsheet

No. I want edit that row data. when I add new item append data in other sheet. see the image


when I add new item fill the “INVENTORY” sheet and update “CATEGORY_MASTER” ITEM NUMBER that I selected category in spinner

See this, I made video for convenience presented what I want.

This is category Master DB

This is Inventory DB

I need when I add items to inventory, update Category item no. I did it manually enter row number, but I need get row number with spinner selection. see the video ( Item code )