How to get videos and screenshots Directory

Hello koders,
I want to know how to get the directory of video and some other folders. I have been able to get the directory of Images but not been able to get that of videos and screenshots. Please if anyone knows how please share.

is the question about how to get a list of files of a specific folder?
if yes use the file extension and its FileList method


Thanks Taifun, I’ll try and get back to you.

How do I get to show the video in a list and then display it

well, your screenshot shows a list with 3 items… where exactly is the problem?
what about using the videoplayer component?

It would really help if you provided a screenshot of your relevant blocks, so we can see what you are trying to do, and where the problem may be.

To get an image of your blocks, right click in the Blocks Editor and select “Download Blocks as Image”. You might want to use an image editor to crop etc. if required. Then post it here in the community.


The problem is that am unable to get the values of videos and display it, it’s not working

you are using the asynchronous version of the method…
which means, all further blocks below the FileListAsync method should be moved into the AfterFileListAsync event

what is a value of a video?
you also might want to provide a screenshot of your video method…
the source property of the video player component might need a relative path to the video file rather than a full path… (i.e. try to remove the /storage/emulated/0 from the full path to get a relative path)


This title should be called “how to build a video gallery” because I can see that the app is supposed to get video files from the internal storage.

I kept on receiving an error response “attempt to get item number 9 of length of list 8”.
I’ll remove the /storage/emulated/0 and see what happens. Once I test it I’ll get back to you.

Yes, that’s what am trying to achieve.